Releasing the Beta Version 0.2.77

・Added update notifications
・[Win] Added Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages installation verification

Bug Fixes & Improvements
・[Win] Fixed a bug that prevented installation inside folders under Program Files (x86) on the C Drive.

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Releasing the Beta Version 0.2.76

・Added *Media Selector (photo selector) button to the Inspector (on the left of the Import button)
 *The Media Selector allows users to select photos imported to the editor or preset photos.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
・[Mac] Fixed bug where the camera widget preview did not display on Mac devices running on M1 chips.
・Fixed bug where the Frames Per Second (FPS) could not be saved when watching a preview while the note is open.
・[Win] Fixed bug where pixels of photos get misaligned when copied from raster graphics software like Photoshop Photoshop.

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About the problem that the Windows version of Breakfast does not start properly

If after installing the Windows version of Breakfast and starting up the system, the message “Loading” continues to be displayed and the operation cannot be performed, you will need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package* on your PC. Please download and install it from the following link URL.

 Windows 64bit
 Windows 32bit

*The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package installs the runtime components necessary to run C++ applications built using Visual Studio.

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Releasing the Beta Version 0.2.75

Bug Fixes & Improvements
・You can drag to select multiple elements.
・You can drag the page to move it to a different notebook screen.
・The application version information is included in exported HTML files.
・You can embed videos from standard exported HTML files using the video tag.
・A play button is included at the center of videos from standard exported HTML files.
・The element id is included in the elements in standard exported HTML files.
・Improved the portrait orientation display of exported HTML files.

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Releasing the Beta Version 0.2.74

Bug Fixes & Improvements
・Modified so that the selection conditions are reflected when copying and pasting group elements.
・Modified so that there is a response even if you click on the entire element area
・Modified so that you can drop images into the optional element position when you are dragging and dropping images in the editor.
・Modified so that by clicking on the entire text area it comes into focus.
・When starting up a [Mac] application and making the screen resolution non-Retina in system configuration, after closing it the resolution has changed, and there is a phenomenon where the application window really sticks out from the screen. This has been modified.
・Modified the bug where after closing the application in presentation mode and then restarting, fullscreen still appears and cannot be got rid of.
・Modified so that when copying and pasting a group, it doesn’t end up together with other groups.

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Releasing the Beta Version 0.2.73

・Added button to return to the notebook display from preview

Bug Fixes & Improvements
・Measures to reduce CPU load
・Made element separator more operable
・Edited effects of “make darker” option for photo elements
・Added “confirm layout” button to element group inspector to make layout confirmation easier
・Embed videos with video tag in HTML
・Fixed bug with displaying videos in Frame layout in HTML
・Fixed dropdown menu flashing on initial open
・Fixed bug where group selection conditions, when pasted, were not saved
・Allowed notebook column to be visible in preview display even when window size is big
・Improved preview display button
・Improved search box and search results display
・Fixed bug when selecting the element furthest down in a group and adding an element where the group layout information was deleted

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Releasing the Beta Version 0.2.72

・Improved element separator
 └ Respond by rolling over the cursor between elements and click to group
・Displays statistical information that automatically calculates the estimated presentation time
・Drag and drop PDF files and load them as elements
・Enabled scroll display in the main text box of the inspector.
・Tooltip display

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Releasing the Beta Version 0.2.71

・The menu bar will blink when a shortcut is carried out

Bug Fixes & Improvements
・Fixed the bug where the display turns black after closing the application and clicking “cancel” in the save confirmation dialog during a presentation in window mode
・Fixed the bug where a copied element would be pasted twice when pasting directly after switching pages
・Fixed the bug where the link is cut when pasting a video element to an unsaved document

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Releasing the Beta Version 0.2.69

・Ability to display a presentation even from the window. You can switch between full screen and window display with the presentation playback button.
・Added a right-click (context) menu.
・Added a preview button for the camera widget.
・Added URL links for text elements. While in presentation mode, pressing the enter button when the element is in focus will launch the browser.
・Added functionality to set the playback position for video elements in the poster frame.
・HTML export now works with list display in text

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